Election Day

Friends & Family in BET (Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe):  Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 8 and early voting started today.  Alternatively, you can vote by mail.  We certainly have lots of options on how to vote.

My favorite resource for voting is Vote411. It’s a user-friendly interactive website that efficiently shows you who and what is on the ballot. The service is sponsored by the League of Women Voters, a reliable and trustworthy source for election information since 1920.


Of course, both our County and State level governments are important resources as well:



It’s always our civic duty to vote; however, these are especially challenging times.

An important vote for our Town is the NYS Assembly position representing the 88th Assembly District which includes Eastchester, Bronxville, & Tuckahoe.  I heartily endorse Amy Paulin as our NYS representative. I’ve known Amy for more than two decades, and I can tell you that Amy is a hard-working and dedicated public servant.  What’s inspiring to me about Amy is that she is a warm and authentic person, yet is so incredibly intelligent and productive in her role. 

Amy has an incredible track record representing our Town and surrounding regions. This is proven by the fact that, in the Assembly, Amy Paulin has passed over 300 laws — lowering taxes, protecting reproductive rights, suspending the gas tax, and getting illegal guns off our streets.  Click here for Amy’s long list of bills and how she’s advocated for us:


Amy is very successful at reaching across the aisle and working well with all different types of people.  She has made a special effort to get to know me, personally, and many of my family and friends.

Independent of a political party, don’t you want someone representing us who has a proven track record?  Local elections can be decided by a few votes, so it’s extremely important we all vote for candidates who can get the job done.  And that’s why I am voting for Amy Paulin for Assembly.

Let me know if you’re interested in helping to get the word out for Amy Paulin.

Please do share this newsletter with others in our Town. And stay in touch!



Donato Vaccaro

Eastchester, NY