Stop The Lies

STOP THE LIES!If you are a Republican, Independent or Unaffiliated voter, you may receive a phone call from the EAGLES UPWARD campaign.

They are saying that Cheryl, Steve, Stan and Cardi are “pushing a liberal agenda” onto our children and want to have “sexually explicit books in the school libraries.” THESE ARE LIES!

4 The Students want to provide our students freedom to learn with books that are age appropriate and curated by librarians, administrators and teachers.

These are the experts; AND, the ones who make those decisions. The Board does not review and remove books from the library catalog. Our opponents do not even know the process. It is sad that a school board campaign has come to this. Is this type of fear mongering the behavior we want on our school board? It is no secret that our Board of Education meetings have become hostile and unproductive since the four Eagles Upward candidates were elected last year.

WE WANT TO BRING CIVILITY AND COMMON DECENCY BACK TO THE BOARD! Eagles Upward continues to spread LIES and create division in our community.

THIS MUST STOP ON MAY 17. Please VOTE!!! 4 THE STUDENTS Smith, Projanksy, Thangaraj, & Smith

For info on the library book review process: